Artist Marc Scheff on Belief, Intuition, & Passion

Marc Scheff

Questioning the traditional path artists take or believe exists, discussing how intuition is taking your curiosity and applying it to every situation – you’re in for a fun time with this interview.

Artist and art director Marc Sheff talks about how artists really make a living and what it's all for anyway.

This week I'm letting you have a listen to the interview as it happened. Let me know if you like this format, and I can bring it back in the future!



Save Your Self by Marc Scheff


A Place On Earth by Marc Scheff


Truth # 2 by Marc Scheff shown on two angles


Marc Scheff at work in the studio


Mother Mary by Marc Scheff


By being who we are, we make the decisions that get us there. And that is definitely something important.

You can see more of Marc Scheff's work on his personal website and on Instagram.

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