Creative Reboot - Recognizing When to Pivot in your Business

Lyndsay Meiklem on Pivot Points in Business

In this interview with potter Lyndsay Meiklem, we talk about the emotional realities of entrepreneurship, and how to recognize when you are ready to take a different direction with your business.

Both of us ran art-based businesses in brick and mortar settings over the last decade, and when we both were ready to make some changes, we ran into emotional challenges we hadn't anticipated.

Lyndsay ran a pottery studio that was teaching-centered, and eventually expanded to offer space and community for several other creative businesses. My tattoo studio employed myself and up to 7 others at a time over the years and hosted shows in the gallery space and other workshops.

In this interview, we talk about the signs we had leading up to our decisions to shift.

She downsized and rebranded her business, moving to a smaller space where she works solo creating pottery for sale in her own shop, and for others' businesses. I sold my studio and began my family, then transmuted what I learned from tattooing into a coaching practice for soul-centered creatives.

The main takeaways for those who prefer a quick list are these:

  • You are not your business.

  • You are allowed to move towards what feels right and good for you, even if you fear it will shake others up.

  • Life will move forward no matter what, so you might as well be happy.

  • Your self-talk is only that and generally has no bearing on reality unless you believe and act on it.

  • Entrepreneurs are always moving forward, and that's a great thing. But you don't have to move forward at break-neck speed, and definitely don't have to move that fast all the time. You can still be in movement while taking in the scenery, giving you time to make better-informed decisions and see the landscape better.

To all of you running your own businesses and walking the path of the creative entrepreneur, I salute you!

Know that we all go through times of difficulty, of transition, and of chosen change. There is support out there for you, and finding a group of likeminded individuals can help you immensely when you are at a pivot point in your life and career.

Just knowing there are those who went before you who had to rethink, reinvent, and restart their businesses or pivot completely in their careers can provide great comfort, and honest advice.

I'd love to support you in your shift. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs ride the emotional waves and honestly assess their beliefs, thoughts, actions, and emotions so that they can move towards consistent results they want. You can check out my services here.

To learn more about Lyndsay Meiklem and her amazing artistic creations and vegan cooking recipes, check out her Instagram and website.



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