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Intuitive & Energetic Coaching for Highly Sensitive People


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Hi, I’m Blaze!

Ready to be supported on your inner journey?

I work with soulful, deep-feeling people of all stripes to:

  • Reunite you with your inner bad-ass
  • Get you out of confusion and back into action
  • Release fear, overwhelm, and burnout
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Quickly pinpoint where & why you’re feeling "off"

I use my ability to see and feel energy to help you tap into what’s “off” quickly, so you can stop feeling anxious, stressed, confused, or on the losing side of an inner mental battle.

We tap into how you feel in your mind and body, making it easy to zero-in on exactly where you feel stuck, and why.

I use meditation, visualization, and traditional techniques used by professional coaches around the globe that are proven to facilitate the process of change. You can learn more about them here.

Knowing where and why you are stuck is pivotal in moving forward, but you also need a way to let go before you can make effective changes…

Liberate yourself from your inner critic

"You really rapidly helped me move through those blocks, faster than I could have imagined... We just did that in one session! It was something that I thought would take months, probably, if not years to overcome... That was astonishing!"

- Jeff Kuipers

Release the story that’s holding you back

In guided meditation, I help you release blocked emotions and beliefs in a way that is authentic, kind and honest.

Letting go of the old story and pattern at its root – the energetic level – allows you to set a new intention in the most impactful way.

As you release painful or stagnant energy, you open entirely new possibilities and opportunities for growth.

While in this state, you create from your most powerful space of internal clarity and purpose. This is how you can see a massive shift in your life after even a single session.

Be witnessed as you embrace your inner knowing

"A true labor of love is how I can describe her work with me. I feel grateful to you for holding my hand during this powerful 'rite of passage' in my spiritual journey."

- Ira Morales Mickunas


Intention-setting for Real-world results

While in an expanded state of consciousness, I guide you to set your most powerful intention, visualizing and feeling the change as though it’s already happened.

You call in the help you need, the inspiration you desire, and the means to make it happen.

You will choose anchors* in your daily life to help remind you, inspire you, and playfully “call-in” your desired result. I will help you find the ones that will work for you.

*Anchors can be objects, words, or actions that you will use to continue to reinforce your intention out of session as you move forward in your life and goals.)

Learn how to move energy when and how you need it

"You are amazing. I was stressing over a work thing all weekend and went to bed exhausted at 7:30 last night and as I drifted I saw the ball of stress at my belly like a ball of rainbow snakes and I mentally grabbed it and gave it to the universe. And I feel so much better."

- Julia Oosterwyk


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Growth can take a lot of energy, but it doesn’t have to be painful.

I welcome you to banish your self-doubt and clear the way for personal success.

I work with clients worldwide in online sessions via Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype. Learn more here.

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