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I help people have closer, more fulfilling relationships with themselves, their work, and the people they love.

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Hello, friend!
I'm Blaze Schwaller.

I'm here to help you make better decisions for yourself (that feel great!) by helping you to connect more fully with who you are and what you want - so that getting what you want is easier and comes more naturally.

I help you cross the bridge from where you are now to being your best version of yourself more often as you interact with others, tackle your goals, and move through challenging situations that stretch your comfort.

You don’t have to go it alone.

I'll help you understand your vision for your future from a new perspective and help you to see what’s possible.

I'll ask you questions that help you deeply tap into your core values so that you make the best decisions for yourself.

I work with those who are ready to expand their vision for themselves by creating a better relationship with their self-talk and everyone in their lives, including their work and daily routines.

If that sounds like you, let’s talk!

I would love to support you in your journey and help your most precious inner dreams come true.

Mastering Self-Awareness and Compassion

Mastering the skills of self-awareness and self-compassion gets us more engaging and meaningful connections with others, increases the impact of our work and relationships, and gives us more time to enjoy our lives instead of endlessly worrying, doubting, second-guessing, or fearing our own thoughts and emotions.

It’s a skill that everyone can learn.

When you practice it, you will see rapid changes not only in the way you think and feel, but in how people start treating you and seeing you.

You will be surprised at how your personal internal growth creates such a massive outer shift in what shows up for you.

Your confidence will grow as you learn how to feel more fully and think more clearly about your life as you face even your most challenging situations.

The best part is the way you will see your new attitude and self-worth reflected in your interactions with your closest family and friends.

For many of my clients, seeing their child or partner spontaneously use the skills they are learning is the ultimate reflection of all the hard work they put in.


"Last night's coaching session with Blaze was AMAZING! I really don't throw around praise like that very often.

She helped me on a very specific topic, which was the depression/heaviness I experience -despite good progress in general- in the mornings.

She went into a very precise, very effective session with me and literally dissolved this into nothingness. I can't describe how happy I am!"

- Paula Redlefsen Actor/ Casting Director / Screenwriter

Ready to Smash Your Goals While Feeling Great?

I personally welcome you to banish your self-doubt, expand your comfortable range of emotions, and clear the way for personal joy.

Let's bring your mind, heart, body and environment together to create the best possible launching point for your success.

I work with clients worldwide in online sessions via Zoom.

To start banishing overwhelm and welcome your confident inner warrior to the party, click the button below.

You'll choose a time for a call with me where we'll dive deep into understanding your needs and desires, and uncover your personalized roadmap to getting results fast.

Let's Get Started!
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"I've finished just 1 session with Blaze and I already feel like so many blocks and walls have dissolved away.

I was very stuck with money-worry and at the same time knew it was time to rewrite all the stories I had around it.

In just one hour, Blaze helped me to arrive at practical ACTION steps to take to help me out of my day-to-day blocks and patterns.

She also helped facilitate a wonderful energetic healing which was so integral to finding the root of these patterns and helping me to acknowledge it and let it go.

I highly recommend her services! Absolutely one of the most effective fusions of energetic healing and coaching I've ever experienced!"

 - Kirstyn Lazur Teacher, Writer, Dancer

kirstyn lazur

Yes, You Can Do This, Too!


I've helped clients:

✔️Improve boundaries with their partners

✔️Create and follow through on ambitious career plans that make them $$$

✔️Reconnect with personal hobbies and soul work as part of their daily routine

✔️Go for and get the new title and raise they deserve

✔️Discover and nourish romantic loving relationships

✔️And even feel physical symptoms of stress and pain diminish or disappear completely! 

By combining traditional coaching with intuitive guidance, emotional release, and incorporating physical hands-on practical work, we get your mind, heart, and entire body on board.

With all these elements aligned, you find yourself moving forward confidently, with greater ease and even a sense of playful joy as you work towards accomplishing your goals.

Even better, you learn how to confidently navigate your mind and emotions so that you can always rely on yourself to feel like YOU - no matter what's happening in the world around you.

"I just had an amazingly expansive intuitive session with Blaze.

The tense muscles in my body released, my spine became more erect, my shoulders rolled back and I was able to take a DEEP breath. The pain in my pelvic floor dissipated even more.

OMG! I feel the energy blocks clearing up. So happy!!! THANK YOU BLAZE!"

- Sasanna Yee  Community Healer, Speaker, Writer & Yoga Instructor

Sasanna Yee

You can listen to my podcast, Full Spectrum Feeling, on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere you stream your podcasts.