Hi, I’m Blaze.

I’m an intuitive life coach.

I see energy. I talk to animals and nature spirits.

I draw, paint, and write.

I love connecting with people and seeing them light up as they realize their worth, their power, and their purpose.

I work with artists, writers, and other creatives. I work with scientists, teachers, nurses, and admin assistants, too.

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My gift is in seeing and hearing what others sometimes don’t see, and finding the words and energy to show it to them in a way that they can.

There is nothing more lovely than helping someone else see and feel their own breakthrough. It’s like being a doula for the soul.

I believe that life coaching is potent, and that when someone undertakes it, they choose to take their power into their own hands and create something purposeful.

I love being a part of that process.

If you are looking for a life coach who brings a little bit of the magic and wonder of living into each session, then we should talk!

It would be my honor to work with as you ignite a spark of everyday magic back into your life with purpose and an open heart.

Here's what people have to say about working with me.

  • “Last night's coaching session with Blaze was AMAZING! I really don't throw around praise like that very often. She helped me on a very specific topic, which was the depression/heaviness I experience -despite good progress in general- in the mornings. She went into a very precise, very effective session with me and literally dissolved this into nothingness. I can't describe how happy I am!”

    Actor/ Casting Director

  • “I am at a loss for words when I think of Blaze and her sacred work. She facilitated profound dimensional healing in areas within me that I was unaware. Once she identified and opened those portals we both explored, understood, healed and gave them proper closure; thus freeing me of overdue karmic baggage. A true labor of love is how I can describe her work with me. I feel grateful to you for holding my hand during this powerful “rite of passage” in my spiritual journey.”

    Consultant Specialized in Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Prevention, Energy Healer

  • “I just had an amazingly expansive intuitive session with Blaze. The tense muscles in my body released, my spine became more erect, my shoulders rolled back and I was able to take a DEEP breath. The pain in my pelvic floor dissipated even more. OMG! I feel the energy blocks clearing up. So happy!!! THANK YOU BLAZE!”

    Community Healer, Speaker, Writer & Yoga Instructor

  • “You are amazing. I was stressing over a work thing all weekend and went to bed exhausted at 7:30 last night and as I drifted I saw the ball of stress at my belly like a ball of rainbow snakes and I mentally grabbed it and gave it to the universe. And I feel so much better.”

    RA, & knitter extraordinaire

As Featured In

Writer for Best Self Magazine

Speaking from my own experience as a coach working with coaches and artists.

Founder of Creatives on Creating

An online community uniting professionals in the Arts & Entertainment, Film, Publishing, Gaming, Animation, and VFX industries.

Speaker at Time Talks

Speaking on the power of talisman creation for holding space as you transform your habits in March 2019 in Los Angeles, CA.

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