Coaching to Help You Start Living Your Happiest Life

Build your confidence, increase your self-trust, and expand your toolbox of techniques to help you face all your challenges with grace and ease.

I work with my clients one-to-one, creating a unique coaching program specific to their needs and goals.

Meetings are conducted via the phone or zoom, so I can work with you no matter where in the world you are.

I can help people who:


✔️Are ready to show up as their best self

✔️Want to improve their self-talk and prioritize themselves more

✔️Are navigating their career or post-career lifepath

✔️Want accountability as they take decisive action towards their next-level goals and dreams

✔️Would like to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with others

✔️Want to gain confidence in themselves and trust in life & others more

✔️Are looking to reduce overwhelm in their career or personal life

✔️Want to make their life flow smoother and make more sense

✔️Desire to leave a positive legacy for those who follow them in life

Sound Like You?


"Working with Blaze was an amazing experience. She has an amazing ability to SEE me. She helped me break down roadblocks that I had built and to address and visualize the actual issues that were holding me back. I looked forward to our one on one sessions and the new revelations that would come. Blaze is excellent force to have on your side as you move through life and work to bring about change."

- Julia Oosterwyk  Database Coordinator & Builder


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I’m Blaze Schwaller, Intuitive Life Coach and host of the Self-Awareness & Self-Compassion Podcast

But I didn’t start out as a podcaster, or even a coach.

First, I was a tattoo artist who opened her own tattoo studio and art gallery. I called it Spirit Gallery Tattoo, and over the decade that I was tattooing and establishing my business, I helped tattoo-seekers connect with their inner voice and manifest their ideas into tangible reality.

Most of the time back then, their ideas would be brought to life through bold and beautiful ink on skin.

I had a knack for seeing what my clients were thinking and being able to describe it back to them in detail – exactly the kind of skill you need to make kickass tattoos.

But it turns out that being able to see to the heart of someone’s request and words is exactly what’s needed to coach someone through their biggest challenges and see them through to the other side successfully.

That’s what I’ve been doing throughout my tattoo years as well as in the nine years since.

The reason I became an expert dedicated to this process is because in 2014 I found myself wondering what I was even doing with my life.

I know what you’re thinking – I had my own business, and was living the rockstar life of a tattoo artist, right? What could possibly be wrong with that?

But even people whose lives look awesome from out outside can feel incredibly difficult and stressful from the inside, as I’m sure you’ve experienced! I was completely burnt out, and I was also in complete denial.

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After my physical body went into crisis and I had to give up my tattoo career, it took a whole lot of emotional healing, physical rehabilitation, spiritual inspiration, and contemplation to get to where I am today.

I needed to learn how to radically forgive myself for my mistakes. To admit everywhere I had contributed to my own demise, and equally, to own all of the awesome things I had done and created, too.

What I discovered was that I could do this the same way I had already created transformation for my tattoo clients.

"I am at a loss for words when I think of Blaze and her sacred work. A true labor of love is how I can describe her work with me. I feel grateful to you for holding my hand during this powerful “rite of passage” in my spiritual journey."

- Ira Morales Mickunas  Consultant Specialized in Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Prevention, Energy Healer


I unraveled my process down to its roots and used the ideas and insights I had to change my thoughts, my feelings, my body, and then my life. And once I did, I knew could help ANYONE, even without getting a tattoo.

I went through this process for myself and continue to follow this path every day.

I use it with my daughter. It is an absolute delight to see how incredibly effective this work is no matter how old or young you are!

It’s a solution... not a possible solution but a sure-shot, oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-I-didn't-know-this-before solution.

"Blaze is an earth angel who gives her full attention, support and love to people.

One never feels like just another client to Blaze but you truly feel supported and loved as a person.

This is a coach that has so much knowledge, insight and inspiration AND a kind open heart that makes you feel empowered and capable. Thank you Blaze 🙏🏿🍃🌻💖"

- Asanda Mahlukani

asanda mahlukani

I’ve lived and breathed this process for years, and I am incredibly proud of the results I have managed to get for myself, my people and for my family.

I love seeing how it works not just for me, but for people from all walks of life. And I especially love seeing my daughter reflect all this emotional growth and confidence in her everyday interactions.

This stuff works.

It's not easy, but it is simple.

It's something you can practice and get better and better and better at.

You can start making choices that serve your heart-dreams while also making the practical every-day stuff not only tolerable, but kinda fun.

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Star Trek podcast shoutout

"Working with a coach was something I was skeptical of at first but still willing to explore, but as soon as I met Blaze I immediately realized it was something I needed to do.

She's wonderfully approachable, empathic, and skilled at her craft. What's most impressive to me is how immediate the results of our work has been - within our first meeting I felt like I had the foundation to begin accomplishing things and optimizing both my business and personal life.

Blaze is always on point with super specific questions and ideas that wouldn't occur to me and quickly get to the heart of the issue, and I really look forward to working with her for a long time to come."

- Jim P 18 Nov 2021

"You sensed into the blocks that I had. Both things that I had told you about, but also things that you intuited, and really rapidly helped me move through those blocks, faster than I could have imagined...

I mean, it literally was, we just did that in one session!

And that was something that I thought would take months, probably, if not years to overcome, because I had spent years building up those blocks... So that was astonishing, actually, doing that with you!"

- Jeff Kuipers  VFX Artist

Working together, we turn overwhelm, negative thoughts, and exhaustion into feelings of appreciation, confidence in your choices, and living from your calm center - without making it complicated or difficult to implement.

It's literally set up to make it as easy as possible for you to remove pressure from yourself - 

  • so that you can finally follow your heart
  • while achieving success with your passion
  • without working so damn hard all the time

even if anxiety runs in your family and you've lost confidence in your ability to make lasting change.

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Pssst: I'll tell you the secret of the process right now:

  • It's all about giving yourself permission to be as you are right now, troubles and all, and then run with it toward your dreams.
  • It's about finding the stuff that lights you up and choosing to focus on that as much as possible, allowing it to grow into an unstoppable force of awesome.
  • It's about celebrating your wins, embracing your feelings, (even the ugly ones) and loving on yourself as you gain momentum and direction.
  • It's about loving the process and letting go of the "perfect" outcome.
  • It's about letting the perfect outcome reveal itself to you, and welcoming it with open arms.

And you'll learn exactly HOW to do that when you give yourself the gift of coaching - and begin the process one simple step at a time.

"Thank you Blaze for your generosity with your time and resources in coaching me and helping me in making decisions regarding the offers I was considering.

Your energy work with me left me in awe! You are amazing.

You opened a lot of doors for me in planning my project and implementing it. You helped me in making the right decision for me! I owe you a lot."

- Zeinab El Ghatit  Mornings with Zizi, Writer


If you Scrolled to the Bottom - a Sum-up:

One-on-one life coaching is transformative!

I work with people to improve their relationship to themselves and others by helping them gain emotional freedom and expand their self-confidence and self-trust.

Each individualized program works on the subconscious level to anchor in the changes you want permanently and gently, and it's FUN, too!

You will make BIG changes through small actions, and unleash the power of your creative intuitive genius.

Oh- and while you may have feared that life coaching is out of your price range and will cost you at least twenty grand to get results - getting started isn't even CLOSE to$20,000, even though what you'll gain from day one is priceless.

You'll be making decisions that SERVE you and make you feel confident, powerful, and relieved.

So you spend more time connecting with your family and friends & making awesome arts, crafts, or cookies, and less time agonizing over the hundreds of small decisions that get in the way of doing that.

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Sending you all my happy and joy, and inviting you to show up powerfully for yourself to create more of your personal happy and joy this year, too!

😄 Blaze ❤️