4 Pillars to Exceptional Learning 💡

4 pillars to learning

Did you know that there are 4 elements that when combined result in an exceptional learning experience?

I’ve found that by leading with these four things, I’ve dropped the stuff I don’t want and picked up the stuff I do want 10X faster.

I’ve made these four concepts the pillars of my program, and I wanted to share them with you.

Because it’s not just applicable to someone learning how to build a talisman. This stuff WORKS in life in general.


Here’s What We Focus On In The Program:

Techniques: How do you do things. It consists of mental exercises, homework, the methods of creating and implementing a talisman, and the ways students are asked to flow through the online elements and their 1:1 sessions.

Techniques account for 80% of the “work” and we spend most of our time learning new ways of trying life out.

It’s fun, and we break it down into daily and weekly bite-sized bits that let students play, practice, and build confidence as they adopt the techniques as their own.

In your day-to-day life, techniques are probably about 80% of what you occupy your time with, too. You use a skill you learned to read, to write an email, to do your job, to drive back and forth to work, and to buy groceries.

In my program, I teach skills to illuminate unconscious thought and action patterns, release and feel emotions in healthy ways that let you live in a happier state more frequently, focus intention within your environment to create results you want, and step into the version of your future self that you most want to embody.

Theory & Science: A small percentage of the program is giving students the science behind the techniques to help them understand why this works and help them bring their analytical mind on board, giving it some peace of mind about actions and requests that might feel foreign or a bit woo.

Adding even the smallest bit of theory background really helps us put the techniques into play and stops us from flat out refusing to try out of a misguided belief that we are somehow the only ones this won’t work for.

In day to day life, I believe that if you ever are stumped about how or why something is being recommended, you ask for or search for the theory and science behind the request. It will gain you a deeper understanding and release nagging fears that are getting in the way of actually taking action and seeing progress. Once the resistance is gone, you can finally ACT!

Resiliency: TTM teaches you techniques that facilitate radical self-forgiveness and cultivates your ability to be with discomfort long enough to start seeing results in your life.

One of the pillars of Talisman Transformation Method is the belief that we can do hard things, and that our ability to face difficult and uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and realities frees us to create more of the thoughts, emotions, and realities that we desire.

I hold my students in the belief that they have got this – the results they want are a done-deal; a guaranteed result – because I know and more importantly THEY know that they are showing up and doing the work.

Together, we do hard things. And we do them as often as we need to to get to the other side, where our goal is DONE.

Believing in your ability to show up and keep showing up is so important, and this alone will get anyone remarkable results and progress. Because the person who never gives up eventually gets what they came for. And I want that person to be YOU.

Curiosity: I encourage my students to play with possibility and stretch their awareness and willingness to interact with their surroundings, community, fellow creatures and plants, and the divine.

We keep our sense of wonder alive, and the doors to more interesting and exceptional experiences open for us!

One of the best states we can be in is that of curiosity. Curiosity is where all goals start, and the solutions to how to get there spark into life.


These four pillars have served me to create a life that sometimes astounds me in its simplicity and loveliness.

They have helped me to create an environment that supports my students to get what they came for and show them how to get it done.

You can join us in the program and use these four pillars to get exactly what you come for, too.

I would love to see you there.


PS – Learn more about the program HERE. But don’t wait. The next group begins its journey soon!


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