Business Break-Up Audio Enhancement Bundle

This 6-part audio series is for people considering breaking up with their business, and those who are in the process of transitioning their business.

The audios have been recorded specifically to help business owners feel their emotions around making the decision to modify, exit, or close their business. They are intended to give an expanded perspective on the journey as well as offer relief as you move through one of the most difficult transitions in your life.

Listen on your own time and use the guided meditations as often as you like for relief, inspiration, and healing.

Over 3 hours of recordings explore:

  1. Using The 80/20 Rule to Release Emotions (with guided meditation starting at 3:00)
  2. Separating Your Self-Identity from Your Business Entity
  3. Closing or Pivoting Your Business in a Pandemic
  4. Overcoming the Fear of Failure
  5. Allowing Vs. Forcing or Preventing 
  6. Rewiring Your Brain to Let in More Help & Opportunity (overcoming I-have-to-do-it-all-myself syndrome)
audio bundle