When Someone Sees You As Wonderful

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There is something so gorgeous about being told or shown what you mean to someone else. It can take your breath away.

Recently, my daughter, who is 4, took over my office for 30 minutes. I was busy on my computer so I wasn’t paying too much attention to what she was doing, but she kept asking me to get things off my shelves so she could have them to play with.

I gave her most of them. A few bowls of rocks. My buddha fountain. A candle holder and some battery run fake candles. Figurines.

After a while, she called me over to show me what she had made. “It’s a special place for doing meditations, Mom,” she announced.

“Come, sit. I will give you a meditation to help your crazy energy go away!”


Completely curious, awed, and thankful, I let her lead me through her meditation.

She turned out the lights.

She had me sit down and put my hands in a circle she drew with her finger on the carpet.

She directed me to imagine my energy going through my hands through the hole in the carpet and down into the Earth so that it wouldn’t go into the house and make the house crazy.

She showed me how to breathe in and out.

She showed me where to look at the fountain and the candles.

Pleased with herself, she told me I was done, and did I like it?

I was overwhelmed with love and joy! And yes, I felt calmer and happy. She said she felt peaceful, too, like she was getting ready for bed.

Then she shooed me away so she could go get her Nonny and Dad to come get their special meditations, too.

As she set them up and taught them how to breathe and enjoy her shrine, I realized that this was something that she’s picked up from me.

She sees how I calm myself, the way I set up objects in my space and use them to certain effects, and has heard me record meditations for others and give her meditations, too.

Her gift of a meditation space and time for mom to relax was because I live the way I live. She witnesses it, and lives it, too. And it felt SO GOOD!


It made me realize that there is always someone out there seeing what we do and appreciating it in ways we aren’t aware of – until one day we are.

May you realize just how much you mean to those around you and the incredible impact you have on your loved ones and friends, even when you’ve been too busy and caught up in life to realize it. I hope your heart is filled with love and fullness today, and that you’re able to share with someone else just how wonderful they are to you, too.

With joy,

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