Podcast Release!

Well, I've finally done it!

I've decided to get over my self-doubts and put out a podcast to (ironically) share all my feelings about self-doubt (as well as many other emotions).

It's called Full Spectrum Feeling, and it's where I'm putting together lots of stories for you to share in my journey of self-growth, discovery, and expanding emotions.

For anyone who has ever struggled with "letting more in" "getting over it already" or simply gets overwhelmed with big thoughts and feelings sometime…

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May You Receive All Good Things

May You Receive All Good Things

How do you send energy to your future?

A few years ago I began using to write letters to myself in the future. It's a tangible way I can remind myself of what I was doing this time last year, and a way to send a boost of good mojo towards whatever I'm working on. Sometimes I use it to remind myself to cancel a service if I stopped using it but forgot when it will renew. It's useful!

I wrote myself a letter last year that was different from my usual - it didn't tell me all the thin…

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Life Coaching Is Not What I Though It Was

Coaching not what I thought

I had an epiphany last night that blew my mind.

For the last two years, I've been feeling a bit stuck when someone asks me what I do as a life coach. I tended to come up with business-y answers, and kind of tiptoe around it.

I’d say, I help people achieve their goals or get clear on their goals – but that felt kinda meh and like someone else’s line.

I’d say, I help people clear stagnant emotions and I guide meditations to help them with this. But this also felt like only a partial explanation…

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When Someone Sees You As Wonderful

Someone Sees You As Wonderful Blog card

There is something so gorgeous about being told or shown what you mean to someone else. It can take your breath away.

Recently, my daughter, who is 4, took over my office for 30 minutes. I was busy on my computer so I wasn’t paying too much attention to what she was doing, but she kept asking me to get things off my shelves so she could have them to play with.

I gave her most of them. A few bowls of rocks. My buddha fountain. A candle holder and some battery run fake candles. Figurines.


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Gratitude in the Time of Covid

Gratitude in the Time of Covid

action joyful surprised with v.jpg

I’ll be real with you, .

Some days I just don’t feel that grateful.

Some days I wake up angry that I didn’t get enough sleep because stressing about covid or our finances kept me up all night, but my kid is cheerfully ripping the blindfold off my eyes and singing for me to wake up and PLAAAAAY already… and I am pissed because I want another hour of quiet before going through the same day we’ve been repeating the last three months. Again.

I know that I’ve got it great. I KNOW that I have a h…

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