Living with Panic Attacks - New Podcast Episode

This week's podcast is vulnerable. I almost didn't post it.

But I feel that panic attacks and anxiety deserve to be acknowledged on a broader platform so that the millions of us who struggle with it stop suffering alone, ashamed, or in silence.

Anxiety is a tough topic because while it is universal, our experiences of it all feel so personal and individual.

My panic attacks feel like waves of drowning and baby heart-attacks, complete with forgetting how to breathe and tingling limbs.

But, I …

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Podcast Release!

Well, I've finally done it!

I've decided to get over my self-doubts and put out a podcast to (ironically) share all my feelings about self-doubt (as well as many other emotions).

It's called Full Spectrum Feeling, and it's where I'm putting together lots of stories for you to share in my journey of self-growth, discovery, and expanding emotions.

For anyone who has ever struggled with "letting more in" "getting over it already" or simply gets overwhelmed with big thoughts and feelings sometime…

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