Life Coaching Is Not What I Though It Was

Coaching not what I thought

I had an epiphany last night that blew my mind.

For the last two years, I've been feeling a bit stuck when someone asks me what I do as a life coach. I tended to come up with business-y answers, and kind of tiptoe around it.

I’d say, I help people achieve their goals or get clear on their goals – but that felt kinda meh and like someone else’s line.

I’d say, I help people clear stagnant emotions and I guide meditations to help them with this. But this also felt like only a partial explanation and kind of weird and not necessarily applicable to the average person asking about life coaching.

I’d sometimes talk about helping people navigate tough life choices, especially around their work and business because this is something I have a lot of experience with. But that felt kind of corporate and tight and also not really the whole truth.

But last night, I thought – what if I am just a witchy, nature-loving emotional support coach?

I mean, in my day-to-day life I am pretty much a tea-sipping nature-lady who talks to trees and animals, paints and writes and teaches her kid how to commune with her higher self and her surroundings.


(that's me sharing a moment with wolf pup Zephyr at the Wolf Conservation Center of NY back in 2011)

I'm always reaching out to bridge the gap between myself and my environment. I love being a part of the life around me and the people I care about. I’m all about allowing myself and my kid and everyone else to feel their feels and attune to a higher vibe. 

I live and breathe the stuff I put into my coaching, but I have been somehow shy about claiming it.

I guess I thought I had to “be more professional” (read: more corporate) when talking about my chosen profession even though I actually detest the feeling of dressing it all up and portraying some glamorous celebrity version of myself when I am WAY more comfortable just being - me.

I believe in coaching. I use it in my daily life. I have massively grown through coaching and witnessed others completely change their lives through it.

But I haven't ever felt like seeing an infomercial of someone with blindingly white teeth and a forced smile telling me to work on my thoughts helped me move the needle on my life, ya know?

So here’s my truth:

What I AM is an empathic, intuitive, nature-loving, communication-obsessed experimenter of sorts, always looking to connect and understand ideas and heal and uncover truth.

And what I DO when I work with people is support them and accept them in ALL their emotions and thoughts and help them uncover THEIR truth, communicate it better, and heal what’s ready to be healed.

I have a knack for seeing and hearing the unspoken and being able to offer it up in a kind and honest way.

It’s a skill I really honed over my decade of tattooing – being able to understand the root of the request and not only the words that people speak. It lets real witnessing and healing and growing occur, not just for my clients, but for myself as well.

What that all comes down to?

I help people proclaim their badassery.

I give them tools to anchor new gorgeous intentions into their reality, and I hold them in a space that can handle even the toughest, roughest revelations.


So really, as a life coach, I use my witchy, energy-sensing, empathetic intuitive skills to hold space for others.

I can truly create a powerful energetic space for people to be seen, witnessed, and held in their truth.

I ask questions to uncover the deeper issues and feelings that might be holding someone back from really getting the results they want in their life.

With no judgment.

No shame.

Just love, awareness, and an offer to help you claim your best self and anchor your intentions into your physical reality.

I teach people how to create talismans to bring all that good mojo into their space.

I help others make talismans that anchor their intentions into their physical spaces and embodied energy fields on a day-to-day and moment-by-moment basis.

It might be a simple ritual to gather more love and appreciation.

Or it might be a month-long purging of objects and thoughts that just really have to go.

It could be the creation of something they'll carry with them for the rest of their life.

But no matter what, inviting people to involve their hands, mind, emotions, and surroundings with their intentions moves energetic mountains.


I LOVE what I do! And when I'm honest, this is what I actually offer people.

Coaching with me is not just a set number of phone calls with somebody cheering you on or asking you to keep a list of your goals and what you’ve done to achieve them.

It’s more like strings of experiences you intentionally co-create with me through time and space to gain clarity, align with what you want, and intentionally shed what has to release in order to get there. My role is that of an energy-holding guide that helps you give yourself that gift.

I offer moments of pure space and time with you to be in the heart of your truth.

I offer reflection, the chance to heal and release what is no longer needed, and hold you in the energy of confidence, appreciation, and acceptance.

I offer a chance for you to practice being in that energy until you claim it for yourself and embody it without thought.

From that space, you can have your own epiphanies that will seriously alter the way you think about yourself and how you choose to move forward.

THAT is my life coaching.

What a relief it is to finally be able to say that!

If there’s more to you than you’ve been telling the world, I’d love to hear it. Let your truth ROAR!

With joy and love,


PS - I am always here for those who wish to step into their unspoken inner truth and coach on it until it's their outer truth, too. Send me a message or CLICK HERE and we'll set up a time to talk! ❤️


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