Cultivating a Calm Center in Any Storm

Calm Center

When life makes us anxious and there is perceived and/or real danger, finding the calm inside goes hand in hand with trusting ourselves.

We trust ourselves to make the best decisions we can.

We trust ourselves to handle our lives with grace.

We trust that we gather to ourselves people who care about us and share our values.

We trust that we have agency in our lives and that what we choose to do from here matters.

When it feels like there’s a tidal wave of doom hovering overhead it’s the most important time to return to your center, activate feelings of calm and safety, and find the courage and ingenuity to move forward as best you can.

Finding your inner strength and calm can give you the energy and space to be present in your life.

It gives you the space to feel your feelings without being swept away by them or reacting blindly.

It lets you lovingly soothe the part of you that is fearful, angry, or grieving.

This is a whole lot easier when you spend time nourishing yourself by choosing allies and surroundings that can boost feelings of safety.

It is a whole lot easier when you release attachment to having something “out there” be the key to your salvation, and instead hold yourself as responsible for saving yourself.

If you are in the throes of anxiety today or any day, I invite you to look for the places that you have support and agency.

I cannot claim a cure to anxiousness, but I do know what helps me through these experiences.

Here’s how I find my calm center:

  1. I choose to focus on something I enjoy and put my whole heart into it.

Maybe that’s making a special meal, or making a drawing, or going for a hike. But whatever it is, I set aside what doesn’t need doing in this moment and give myself the gift of presence.

Not just any presence, either – I’m talking about presence that is focused on something I LIKE, something I WANT, and something I get to CREATE all by myself or with those I love.

  1. Let go of the distractions. I spend time in my space, creating more love and joy.

This means I stop my train of thought when it gets caught up on something that I cannot contribute to or change right now. I thank myself for the idea, and let it chug on by. I set it aside and choose to redirect my thoughts toward something I can do right now, preferably something like #1 above.

  1. Reach out to a friend and feel their support.

Instead of lamenting what cannot be done, I find a way to support someone else in something that matters to them right now, directly in their life. And I ask for their support in what I am doing, too.

I’ve found letting people know I could use a hug and comfort is important. It lets them be a friend to me, and it gives me relief as well. And if they also need some support, I get to return the favor. Everyone wins!

  1. Take care of a pet or a plant.

When I didn’t have either, I’d take a walk outside and tell a tree that I appreciate its presence.

Connecting with something solid, neutral, and real is so grounding and comforting. It reminds me that there is a giant world out there that isn’t spinning in my stuff, for which there is not anxiety and fear about the future. I love immersing in that.

The general energetic field is a bit amped up right now. I send you my love and a wish for your comfort and peace.

May you remember to go within, recharge, and appreciate yourself.

In peace,


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