What Kermit 🐸 Knows About Self-Acceptance

what kermit knows

My daughter is best friends with her Kermit doll. She’s been carrying him around on walks, watching tv with him, and roleplaying how to handle events like bath and bedtime with him. It’s super cute.

When I told her he sings a song called, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” she didn’t believe me.

“Whaaaat?” she exclaimed, full of innocence.


So I told her about the song, and now I get to tell you about it, too… not because you never heard of it before, but because of what it alludes to for all of us when we’re really being ourselves.

The truth is that being fully, authentically US doesn’t always feel great.

I know, right?

We all know this, but yet somehow we think that if we were REALLY embodying ourselves fully, we would be invulnerable to disappointment, criticism, and ridicule.

That’s ain’t true!

In fact, the more we settle into who we are, the more times we have to confront all the things that we AREN’T.

And that can feel uncomfortable. Itchy. Frustrating. Sad. Scary. Lonely.

I told my daughter about this because I want her to know that it’s OK to have a difficult time.

It’s OK to feel alone, even among your friends. Jealousy will rise up, but it’s not telling you to be someone else.

It’s showing you where you’re ready to heal. It’s showing you who you’re going to become next. It’s pointing out how you’d like to be and lighting the way.

And while it’s not easy – it sure is rewarding.

If you’re in the thick of it and feeling, “It’s not easy being ME!” – then I’d like to invite you to try something different than you’ve ever done before.

I’d love to invite you to choose to become even MORE of yourself, instead of trying to hide it or morph into something that deep down you know you aren’t.

Hiding or pretending just doesn’t hold up over time. You’re always going to want to be yourself. Somehow Yourself will always show up.

So why not embrace yourself? Even the parts that are making it really hard to be you right now.

If you’d like to have some support in stepping into the next best version of yourself – the YOU that you know you want to become – my program Talisman Transformation Method is open for enrollment for the December group right now.

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May you see your beauty and love yourself today and every day.


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