🎉 Sharing a Win ✨✨

sharing a win

I’ve spent the last few months creating some killer content for my program, Talisman Transformation Method and I really want to share this win with you guys.

Because working with this program is making me into a better coach and human being, and it’s creating incredible transformations for clients.

Honestly, I love this program so much!

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Talisman Transformation Method is so much more than 1:1 coaching. And it’s more than the talisman students eventually create and work with.

It’s about the total transformation of the way someone sees themselves and their future.

This program is about opening up avenues of self-perception that create completely new possibilities for joy.

We’re talking about the kind of self-awareness and inner strength that creates self-respect and gains the respect of our peers.

The kind that motivates us to stand up for what we believe in and own our truth and skills.

The kind of self-love and confidence that moves people to create or find the job that works for them and pays them well instead of sucking up another year of humiliation and being taken for granted.

It teaches the kind of thinking and wondering that lets people release feelings that just aren’t working for them anymore, and replace them with new thoughts and feelings that say, HELL YES, I’M WORTH IT AND I’M GOING TO GET WHAT I WANT!

Just feel that for a moment. It’s GOLD!

This process is about supporting you to stand up and actively create movement toward what you want instead of feeling like the safest space for you is hiding under a rock and waiting for life to stop pelting you with frustration.

I promise it’s worth coming out from under the rock.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

Talisman Transformation Method program helps you in 4 key areas.

YOUR CONFIDENCE because you will come to understand and appreciate more of your subconscious mind & heart. You will harness those thoughts and emotions to create greater harmony in your actions to create what you want in your life.

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS because you will continually be standing in more integrity and personal truth which automatically draws people to you and brings in the support you need. As you align more and more with your inner power and truth, you will find that people want to be a part of what you're creating and rally to your causes.

YOUR AWARENESS because you will be training yourself to notice more subtleties in yourself and in your environment, bringing you a greater understanding of the flow of events in your life and the connections between your thoughts, emotions, actions, and outcomes. 

YOUR IMPACT because you will have a new expanded toolbox in your arsenal that speeds you toward your goals, and as mentioned with relationships, you will be drawing the right people and events to you and be more aware of these opportunities as they arise.

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This program is set up to support you individually and as part of a community to learn, retain, and apply the knowledge you gain as quickly as possible. It stacks successes so that you quickly gain experience and confidence, making this process your own.

Talisman Transformation Method supports you in boldly claiming victory and achieving success and encourages you to claim that success as a done deal from week ONE!

I fall in love with this process more every day.

I invite you to join me to create a more confident, joyful, and wonderous life over the next 3-6 months inside the program.

You can check out the details HERE.

In joy,

PS – What are your thoughts? Click here to book a FREE epiphany call and find out how this program can work for you.


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