Hold the Bus… This vacation is NOT what I wanted!

vacation not what I wanted

When people say they want a break from it all, what they really mean is they want to stop stressing about what’s going on in their life. They want to feel back in control.


I don’t ever feel like I want a break when my kid’s making me laugh, I’m reading a great book, or my favorite sushi’s on the table – and I’ll bet you don’t either.

If you’re craving a break, or a vacation, or a way to stop a frustrating cycle in your life – what you’re really craving is to feel appreciation, joy, and love that you aren’t tapping into at the moment.

When you realize that your desire for a change is not necessarily about pushing away an unwanted situation, but actually you calling yourself toward more love, joy, and appreciation, it gets a whole lot easier to start moving toward those things right now.

We've all been told that the best way to create the life we want is to pretend like we already have it, and by doing this we will magnetize that future to ourselves.

But honestly, pretending doesn’t cut it. If it did, we’d all be millionaire princesses sipping margaritas while someone else deals with the details.

So what’s a stressed and tired empath to do?

The first thing to do is to take a moment to really bless yourself and everything you’re going through.

Don’t try to make it better. Don’t try to logic your way out of it or brainstorm all the things you can do to steer your way clear.

Just be with yourself in that moment and see it for what it is. It’s just a moment. Maybe an unpleasant moment, but only for now.

Ask yourself when you’ve felt like this before. Chances are you have felt this stress, exhaustion, or pain many times in your life.

Next, I want you to say to yourself, “This is an old feeling. It’s an old program. It’s the past.”

Really feel into that. What if what you’re feeling that makes you want to get away is simply an old habitual feeling, that you don’t actually have to feel anymore?

Could you have compassion for yourself in that moment? Could you love the You that is feeling upset?

By staying with yourself and becoming aware when you’re feeling a familiar ache or unwanted emotion, you have the opportunity to release it. You can proactively choose to feel love toward yourself and your worries. You can feel appreciation for the You who has worked so hard and is in struggle.

When you put your attention on feelings of love and appreciation more than you pay attention to your struggle, you begin to reprogram your mind and body. Over time, you might even find yourself starting to feel the joy that you wanted all along.

If you’ve found yourself wanting a break more often than you’d like lately, it’s time to take proactive steps to align with the future that you WANT to be living.

You know - the one that feels like you're totally pampered, appreciated, and cared for.


I’m sure you want a solution that is not only effective and fast but something that makes you feel really great while you’re doing it, too.

Something that has a track record of success for thousands if not millions of people, that’s simple to implement, and that you can customize to your exact situation.

A solution that not only helps you find your joy and picture your best-possible future but gives you a way to anchor it in your physical space NOW so that it becomes easier to manifest on a daily basis.

If all that sounds great, then you are probably a perfect match for the Talisman Transformation Method program, which takes you from “I need a break from my life” to “This feels like magic, and I’m having fun!” using the alchemy of Talismans, Intuitive coaching, and setting an intention so powerful nothing can stop you from becoming the change you desire.

Sending you a whole lotta appreciation and joy,

PS – What’s a talisman, you ask? I’ve got you covered! Keep your eyeballs open for a blog post tomorrow that shares what this magical item can do for you (and why it’s not as mystical and woo woo as you think!)


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