The Power of Talismans in 2020

the power of talismans 2020

Lately, I've been talking a lot about a delightful program I run called the Talisman Transformation Method. (I know, it's all I talk about! But I seriously LOVE this program and feel like everyone needs this in their life.)

Before I go bananas telling you more of what the program is all about, I’m sure what you really want to know is what the heck a Talisman even IS!

And no, it’s not some esoteric item you find on a World of Warcraft mission, although video games use the word talisman a lot.

A talisman, in the modern sense of the word, is any object that you imbue with your energy and sense of purpose. Even a mantra that you repeat to yourself every day is a kind of talisman, because you use your voice and the sounds it makes in the physical world to reinforce an energy or idea pattern that you want to embody.

The key point about a talisman is that it is regarded by you as special. You have noticed that the item holds a special feeling for you that remains consistent over time.

For example, if you have a lucky pair of undies that you associate with… um… fun times ahead… 😉 Every single time you see them, the idea and feeling of an evening of sensuality and pleasure pass through your mind and body, even if you don’t choose to wear them.


If you don’t have a pair of special sexy undies, think about an item as simple as lipstick. There is an expectation when you put it on that you are putting on your game-face – ready to tackle the world head-on. Even if you aren’t feeling amazing you know that the makeup will help you feel a bit more solid and self-assured.

These are both examples of how we give meaning to items that we use or keep around us in our lives, and how the presence of these objects alters the way we think and feel about ourselves, even without us consciously realizing it.

When they hear the word “talisman” most people think of ancient Egyptians or cave people toting around a necklace made of feathers and stone. They dismiss the concept as a silly idea of the past, and not relevant today.

At the same time, humanity is full to bursting with symbology – we wear religious symbols, choose team colors, and even arrange our homes in ways that accentuate and honor the energy, values, and feelings we enjoy.

And after a decade of tattooing thousands of soulful and amazing people, I know from personal experience just how innate is our desire to bring our ideas and values into tangible physical expression.

Because let’s face it, people wouldn’t endure hours of pain, pay top dollar for it, and have to nurture their healing body for two weeks afterward if the image wasn’t SUPER worth it to them. (Spoiler alert: It’s not the image as much as the idea and meaning that the image embodies that makes someone commit to a tattoo)

And, there are lots of things that we want in life that we simply don’t want to brand into our skin.

Sometimes we want a boost at the office, or to attract better relationships, or to trust that whatever we draw today is going to turn out fine and make us feel good. Sometimes we're looking for a way to embody more confidence, or to remember that abundance is around us and we need to let it in.

So what do we do then?

Well, it becomes a whole lot easier to trust and attract what we want when we surround ourselves with things (or even just ONE thing) that makes us feel like it’s already done. That the result is guaranteed, and all we have to do is relax and let it come to us.

Below, I made a video about how Talismans help us on that journey.

And that’s where the modern-day Talisman comes in.

It’s learning how to pick and use the right item, with the right energy, to set you on that path confidently and joyfully.

It’s letting yourself play with an idea and energy like you would as a kid: with curiosity, wonder, and joy – creating an energetic beacon that you get to wear, or carry around, or set in your space. Then you consciously use it to step into the future as the You that you want to be every day.

Until one day, you’re there. It feels normal. The novelty of it wears off. You ARE the thing you always wanted to be. And you’re ready for something new.

In the Talisman Transformation Method program, I help you identify exactly what energy you want more of, what energy has got to release to allow that in, and what type of talisman will give you your best result.

I guide you as you set your intention, bless your talisman and implement it, and help you course-correct as you get used to spending more and more time in the new energy of your intention.

Unlike other coaching programs that only use mindset coaching and thought-work that leave you constantly pondering the how and what, or energy healing that only addresses a feeling once then sets you free, Talisman Transformation Method brings in both of these components AND ties them together into something physical, tangible and powerful so that you can set your intention and let it marinate in your space over time.

There’s something really comforting about having a touchable item to be around, gaze at, or go to whenever you want or need a boost. And getting your creativity involved in the process is just FUN, too!

So, what modern-day talismans do you already have in your life? And if you could create one to get you joyfully to your next goal and beyond, what would it be about?

Wishing you a day of delight and wonder,

PS – Want to hear more about the Talisman Transformation Method 3 or 6 Month Program right now? Send me a message and I’ll make sure you get all the deets ASAP!


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