Even better than a Strawberry Coolata! 🥤

even better than strawberry coolata

I’m going to paint a picture for you. You see, there’s going to be this moment that you wake up, and you feel AMAZING. Like, excited to get out of bed and start your day amazing.

And you do it. You kick yourself out of bed, open the windows, let the light in, and feel your heart fill with a kind of bursting joy you just haven’t felt in a while. But this joyful, light heart-glow feels like home, and it’s even better than that because you’ve started feeling like this every day.

At first, you didn’t think it was possible. You thought to yourself, I’m just always going to wake up with an aching jaw from grinding my teeth in the night. It’s just how it is. Because life is stressful.

But one day, you chose to leave that all behind.

You KNEW in your heart that you were meant for happiness. That you weren’t put on this planet to succumb to the slings and arrows of the daily grind. You decided to change all that.

And you did.

You put in the work. Honestly, it didn’t even really feel like work… it was more like being taught how to release your protective barriers that were accidentally also keeping your awesome contained.

And once you surrendered to the process, you simply – bloomed!


You trusted that now was your time, and you committed completely to yourself.

You finally let yourself look at your old stories and habits with LOVE and blessed them to move on. And you allowed yourself to be completely and utterly supported as you gracefully shrugged that old coat off and let your radiant soul SHINE.

You picked a feeling that you wanted for once – a feeling and idea of Freedom. Of Appreciation. Of Self-Love.

And this time, you didn’t just tell yourself to feel that way. You created an honest-to-goodness physical container for it, and allowed it to fill to the brim with all the good mojo you could possibly summon and then some.

You let this talisman be a gentle reminder in your space that you already ARE that feeling.

You ARE all the love in the world. And yes, no matter what’s happening in the world, you deserve it ALL!

You carried it with you.

You let it remind you of that feeling even on the days that felt hard.

You allowed it to be a balm for difficult emotions. You let it whisper to you of the beautiful future you already created, and you remembered that your purpose in life is not to scramble for that future but to allow it to unfold.

And so you allowed yourself to align with that future – that feeling of peace, confidence, and empowerment – a little more every day.

And somehow, without forcing, without pushing, and without badgering yourself to remember how to do it all the time – you became it.

You feel so damn amazing.

You have more to give to yourself and the world than you could have imagined only 12 weeks ago. Thinking about how easy it was makes you want to laugh because honestly, you didn’t have to DO much of anything. It was all about Being.

This is the transformation that awaits you when you enroll in the Talisman Transformation Method Program.

Here’s what you need to know to make this experience into your reality:

  • The next round of the program begins on December 14th.

  • You will get your own personalized schedule of 1:1 coaching and energy alignment sessions that gently guide you through the creation and implementation of your talisman as you move intentionally toward a future of your design.

  • You’ll also have access to weekly group coaching Q&A calls in our private online group where you can go even deeper into the energy of your transformation and support fellow journey-goers in their shift.

  • You can learn more about the program and all the benefits (and bonuses) at this link.

This program is the result of decades of internal energy work, tattoo service, and daily implementation of down-to-earth practices that have made a profound difference in my life and the lives of so many others.

I can’t wait to share it and get YOU the kind of feeling you’ve been craving in your outer & inner life, too.

It CAN be easy, it CAN be fun, and if you’re getting that tingly feeling of excitement reading about it, it’s a sign that NOW is your time.

With so much love,

PS – You can snag your place in the program before it fills up right now and claimyour spot. If you have any questions just hit reply and I’ll give you answers! (To make sure this program is absolutely the right fit for you, I do a 60-minute Epiphany call with you to assess everything going on in your life, what you want to achieve, and lay out a plan for you to get there. If we're a great fit to work together, I invite you to join the program. No pressure or strings attached! If you're ready to book that call, here's a link!)


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