Podcast Release!

Well, I've finally done it!

I've decided to get over my self-doubts and put out a podcast to (ironically) share all my feelings about self-doubt (as well as many other emotions).

It's called Full Spectrum Feeling, and it's where I'm putting together lots of stories for you to share in my journey of self-growth, discovery, and expanding emotions.

For anyone who has ever struggled with "letting more in" "getting over it already" or simply gets overwhelmed with big thoughts and feelings sometimes, this one's for you.

May it be a chance for you and me to find more depth of feeling in our lives and greater meaning and purpose in simply BEING.

Also, I want it to be an opportunity to grab a cup of tea and share some time together. So go ahead and grab your favorite mug, put on your airpods, and let's chat, shall we?


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