Living with Panic Attacks - New Podcast Episode

This week's podcast is vulnerable. I almost didn't post it.

But I feel that panic attacks and anxiety deserve to be acknowledged on a broader platform so that the millions of us who struggle with it stop suffering alone, ashamed, or in silence.

Anxiety is a tough topic because while it is universal, our experiences of it all feel so personal and individual.

My panic attacks feel like waves of drowning and baby heart-attacks, complete with forgetting how to breathe and tingling limbs.

But, I have found a way that personally helps me ground myself back into my body when my body is telling me it is terrifying to be here.

My panic attacks are calling for relief. For any kind of comfort, for safety, and for love.

I hope that for anyone else who struggles with a similar experience, hearing my internal conversation with my heart, lungs, and mind helps you, too. I hope that the way that I speak love and safety back into my organs and limbs and my entire body speaks to your heart and gives you some relief also.

Because dealing with panic attacks isn’t something you win once and you win it forever. You go through it in many ways and win each battle as it arises.

Feel free to adopt any of my own strategies into something that works for you. I believe that through sharing our experiences, we can all find some relief.

Listen to the full podcast episode here, or find me on your favorite podcast directory under Full Spectrum Feeling. I welcome your feedback and can't wait to have even more conversations about topics close to your heart. ❤️


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