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4 Pillars to Exceptional Learning 💡

4 pillars to learning

Did you know that there are 4 elements that when combined result in an exceptional learning experience?

I’ve found that by leading with these four things, I’ve dropped the stuff I don’t want and picked up the stuff I do want 10X faster.

I’ve made these four concepts the pillars of my program, and I wanted to share them with you.

Because it’s not just applicable to someone learning how to build a talisman. This stuff WORKS in life in general.


Here’s What We Focus On In The Program:


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Remember when We Used to Go to the Coffee Shop?

remember the coffee shop_

There is no doubt that our lives are transforming at an unprecedented rate this year. Our routines and daily rituals have been disrupted, leaving many of us uncertain and unsure of what to do next.

I believe that in times of change, people tend to operate from their default settings.

That means that if you are a person who is generally happy, you will respond to a new circumstance with happiness or a sense of curiosity that looks for happiness. If you’re someone who is often stressed or angry,…

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🎉 Sharing a Win ✨✨

sharing a win

I’ve spent the last few months creating some killer content for my program, Talisman Transformation Method and I really want to share this win with you guys.

Because working with this program is making me into a better coach and human being, and it’s creating incredible transformations for clients.

Honestly, I love this program so much!

Thumbsup small.gif

Talisman Transformation Method is so much more than 1:1 coaching. And it’s more than the talisman students eventually create and work with.

It’s about the …

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Something AWESOME is Coming!

Something awesome is coming

looking down over shoulder cropped.jpg

When things get rough and I’m down on myself for making a mistake, I find myself thinking a familiar story.

One is that I messed up, and that’s typical because I am just a messer-upper.

The second is that I’ve already achieved the best I was going to achieve in life (again, because I am a messer-upper, and that’s how it goes for people like me.)

And third, I am probably doomed to repeat whatever mistake got me down to begin with, and everyone I’ve ever loved and admired will judge me for this…

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The Snails In the Pot

The snails in the pot

Ever have one of those moments when you suddenly realize that the world has WAY more going on than you’re aware of and it just kind of smacks you in the face?

I had one of those moments this week when my daughter tried to give me back a plant we had given her as her first “responsibility.”

She had persuaded me to give her my aloe plant as well as this tiny succulent, but two days later she decided that she only felt comfortable with one responsibility, not two. So, I should take this potted pl…

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The Community We Mostly Ignore


What is a community to you?

Is it those who share your beliefs?

Is it those who share your home or your extended family?

Is it the people of the street you live on, or the population of the town or country you reside in?

My community feels at once very vast, and very small.

It includes you and the people I meet in classes, folks I meet at networking events, my family, and my friends, many of whom live quite far from me in countries halfway across the world.

It includes authors and experts …

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What to Do when You Can't Do Anything

What to do when you can't do anything

You know what sucks? Feeling powerless.

I have always HATED moments like this.

The feeling that no matter what I did, it would be judged by others as not enough, or the wrong thing to do. I hate those moments when I need to make a decision to move forward, but all the paths forward hold more risk than I want to take.

I hate worrying that I’ll do something that will have bad consequences down the road, either financially, or in my relationships.

I hate worrying that if I don’t do something, s…

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Gratitude in the Time of Covid

Gratitude in the Time of Covid

action joyful surprised with v.jpg

I’ll be real with you, .

Some days I just don’t feel that grateful.

Some days I wake up angry that I didn’t get enough sleep because stressing about covid or our finances kept me up all night, but my kid is cheerfully ripping the blindfold off my eyes and singing for me to wake up and PLAAAAAY already… and I am pissed because I want another hour of quiet before going through the same day we’ve been repeating the last three months. Again.

I know that I’ve got it great. I KNOW that I have a h…

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The Winds, They Are A-Changin'

The Winds They Are A Changing

looking right header.jpg

If it seems the whole dang world is turning upside down right about now and you’re staring down major unforeseen changes and unwanted routine overhauls lately, I salute you.

I want to share a bit of my story from before I started life coaching because this situation of being forced into stillness and having to reinvent how we live and work feels oddly familiar to me.

I hope that by sharing my experience, you will feel some comfort. While the situation outside is hairy, I know you have incred…

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